Sugar complex equipped to produce high quality plantation white sugar, hygienically packed in PP and Gunny Bags of 50 KG / 100 KG. We cater the demand of both Domestic and International market.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer
Kothari's Sani-Co & Sani-Care Liquid hand sanitizer provides effective protection against 100+ disease causing germs including bacteria, yeast, mould and viruses. Kothari's Sanitizer Kills 99.99% germs and keeps you safe and protected.
Basis in vitro action on germs associated with 100 diseases. Based on antimicrobial action in in-vitro conditions..
  Integerated sugar complex has Cogeneration that produces power using bagasse as fuel.
Industry Alcohol (Distillery)

Premium quality ENA, Ethanol & Rectified Spirit can be produced from the distillation unit.


Bio-Compost - Soil Meals (Organic Manure)
 As part of the effluent treatment system, bio-compost is manufactured as a value added  product with press-mud and distillery effluent. The distillery effluents are converted into nutrient rich organic manure called `Soil Meals’ and this is used in the fields by our cane  growers as manure.